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Ok, as with any Video Game tradeshow, there are TONS of trailers for new games, and TGS is no exception. With E3 you will see more FPS trailers, but with TGS, you see more RPG and Fighting games. So far, we have seen a slew of new fighting game sequels, and damn, do they impress.

Check after the break for a listing of a few of the fighting game trailers from TGS 2011 Day 1: (more…)


Ok, I’m going to try to keep up on the ridiculous amount of news flowing out of the Tokyo Game Show. Aside from all the trailers and hoopla for sequels, it was announced at the Sony Press Conference that a couple of new “HD editions” of classic games are in the works for their latest systems. Namely, Final Fantasy X and Zone of the Enders! FFX HD will be coming to PS3 and PS Vita, while Z.O.E. HD will arrive on the PS Vita (it was earlier announced that it would be coming to the PS3/Xbox 360 as well).

Now I love me some FFX (except Tidus, who I named “Bitch” during my second playthrough), but as usual, Squenix is telling us to be patient for news regarding this game. This tells me already that this won’t be a PS Vita launch title, and to not even expect this for another year at least, but I’m damn happy that it’s coming down the pipeline.