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Many of you drool over the possibility of owning a PS Vita, but then reality (and an empty bank account) hits you upside the head, and that thought drifts back over to your dream collection. Yet, after saving up for months, you’re finally ready to buy a PS Vita! Granted, you can barely afford the base model wi-fi version, but who cares! Life is great! You start to fill your mind with thoughts of what games to play first while browsing your usual websites.

Then you come across this…

Ok, it’s a white PS Vita. No surprise there, most electronic products nowadays either come in piano black or ivory white. Wait…is that…Miku on the back? Yes it is. This is Sony’s latest version of their handheld system, adorned with the most iconic Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku! This limited edition will also include Next Hatsune Miku Project Diva, a 4GB memory card, a screen-protector film with an original design, an augmented-reality card (also with an original design), a USB cable, an AC adaptor, a power cord, and print documentation.

Your hands start trembling at the thought of being able to touch Miku’s soft…thighs (or whatever else your lust is set on). You vision starts to go blurry as you scramble to find where you can purchase this limited edition masterpiece. Alas, it’s not available until August 30th. No matter, you want to pre-order it anyways. It can’t be that much more than a standard…oh…

The 3G/Wi-Fi version will run 39,980-yen (about US$500), while the Wi-Fi only model will cost 34,980-yen (US$437). You look in your wallet and see the $300 you’ve saved up for so long. You start to contemplate if you can save up the difference before its release date when all of a sudden, your room goes dark.

You forgot to pay the electric bill again. With a heavy sigh, you head off to bed, still trying to figure out how to afford this limited edition Miku…and keep the lights on.

(check out past the break for Sony’s commercial on the new color and the limited edition Miku version)