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These Ghost in the Shell PS1 game cutscenes are the closest we’ll get to the original manga.

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Given all the latest news about Ghost in the Shell Arise, many fans of the franchise have expressed their concerns/frustration over practically every aspect of the upcoming 4-part series (myself included). Some fans were hoping for a return to the original character designs and story of the manga; a hope that was fueled by the involvement of series creator, Masamune Shirow. Even though that hope didn’t pan out this time around, fans can still take solace in re-watching the anime cutscenes from the late-90’s Ghost in the Shell PlayStation 1 game. This anime remains the closest adaptation to Shirow’s original character designs, including the Fuchikomas (which were redesigned and renamed Tachikomas in the TV series due to a copyright issue). Like all Ghost in the Shell titles, Production I.G. handled the animation. While the gameplay was nothing special, the cutscenes were absolutely epic, and still are today. These videos were taken from the “making of” Laser-disc, courtesy of ILLHYHL021.

Metal Gear Solid live-action film greenlit

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During the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Party last night, creator Hideo Kojima announced a live-action Hollywood film adaptation of Konami’s Metal Gear Solid. Columbia Pictures will produce the film, and Sony Pictures Entertainment will produce and distribute the film. Avi Arad has been announced as producer for the project. Arad has ties to both Hollywood and Japan; he was a major producer behind the first few Marvel Studios films (Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men), has been involved with Dreamworks in their planned adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell, and was installed as a chair of Production I.G., LLC (the company’s American branch). While I think this is a fantastic move by Kojima and Konami, I am curious to see who will be tapped for writing the script. Plus, I’m sure many people will agree with me that David Hayter, the iconic voice of “Solid Snake”, needs to be involved in one way or another. Hell, I could definitely see Hayter play the part in-person. Those of you who wonder if he’s physically fit enough for the role, just look at the insane bootcamps that were created for the 300 movie and for the Spartacus series. A few weeks in that hell, and he’ll be ready to go. On a side note, it’s been 3 years since Dreamworks announced they acquired the rights to GITS, and the only news since then was a writer swap. C’mon Dreamworks, at least give us an update, and please please please do NOT screw up my favorite franchise of all time.

New Trailer for Kenji Kamiyama’s 009 RE: CYBORG

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Kenji Kamiyama has directed some of my favorite series of all time (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Eden of the East, etc…). Both Production I.G. and this man can do no wrong in my eyes. When it was announced last fall that he was going to direct a movie based on Shotaro Isinomori’s classic sci-fi manga Cyborg 009, I was initially hesitant. The manga has a very Tezuka-styled imagery, something that I never really liked. Granted, all fears were erased once I saw the gorgeous teaser. RE:CYBORG is Kamiyama’s first full-3D animated feature, yet it retains the level of detail and fast-paced action that he is known for. In the original manga, the secret Black Ghost organization transforms nine unsuspecting humans into cyborgs. However, the nine cyborgs turn on their masters and protect the rest of humanity from Black Ghost’s plans for world war. So far, it looks like the movie will follow the same basic path, but I’m wondering what twists will be in store for this adaptation. Check out the new theatrical trailer after the break.

Use Kinect to dive through cyberspace like the Major

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I’ve talked about some of the incredible Kinect hacks out there before. Hackers and tinkers sitting at home, messing around with the 3D camera’s code to create some incredible programs, effects, and games. Now, the Kinect’s non-intended uses are starting to find its way into Japanese marketing. As a bonus feature in a pop-up shop created to promote the upcoming 3D release of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society, technology firm Kayac created an interactive simulation of the series’ cyberspace using the Kinect sensor. Patrons can also interact with a Tachikoma while flying around. In GITS, the titlar character Motoko Kusanagi (aka “The Major”) repeatedly ‘dives’ through an iconic version of cyberspace in order to extract information to help solve crimes. Now I don’t know about you, but after reading this, I can only say two words….DO WANT! I’m really hoping that this finds its way stateside eventually (maybe to promote the 3D re-release on BD, hint hint). **UPDATE** We now have video footage of the simulator in action! Check it out after the break!

Epic Anime Blu-Rays coming in June

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I have been waiting for these two series to start coming to Bluray ever since the format was announced. Looks like I have some saving to do for June. I am a bit sad that the movie versions of the GITS seasons are only available in BD this time around, let’s hope a full BD set of the series will come out at a later date. And honestly, how can you pass up watching Spike and Vincent battle it out in the Cowboy Bebop movie (in glorious 1080p) for less than $20?!? (dates are tentative and prices are MSRP) — Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Available June 21st, 2011. $34.98 each The Laughing Man (1st season) The Individual Eleven (2nd Gig) Solid State Society (no word yet if it will include the 3D version) — Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – Available June 28th, 2011. $17.97!!!