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Kenji Kamiyama has directed some of my favorite series of all time (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Eden of the East, etc…). Both Production I.G. and this man can do no wrong in my eyes. When it was announced last fall that he was going to direct a movie based on Shotaro Isinomori’s classic sci-fi manga Cyborg 009, I was initially hesitant. The manga has a very Tezuka-styled imagery, something that I never really liked. Granted, all fears were erased once I saw the gorgeous teaser. RE:CYBORG is Kamiyama’s first full-3D animated feature, yet it retains the level of detail and fast-paced action that he is known for.

In the original manga, the secret Black Ghost organization transforms nine unsuspecting humans into cyborgs. However, the nine cyborgs turn on their masters and protect the rest of humanity from Black Ghost’s plans for world war. So far, it looks like the movie will follow the same basic path, but I’m wondering what twists will be in store for this adaptation.

Check out the new theatrical trailer after the break.


Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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