KyleTV | BBB Chat and Video help

Thanks for joining us for one of Kyle Hebert’s many live streams. We include a live chat via IRC, and a select few viewers can possibly join Kyle on air. You may have some questions about either of these features. That’s what this page is all about!

Getting Started

The easiest (or sometimes hardest) step in joining Kyle TV is choosing a nickname. You can create any nickname you want, as long as it isn’t already registered with someone else (more on that in a moment). Then click “Connect”.You’re now in our live chat! Feel free to interact with Kyle and fellow viewers during the show. You may even make a new friend or two!

As a reminder, it can get pretty NSFW for language, so fair warning. If you want to make a bigger chat box, click the “Pop-out Chat” button underneath the chat box. You can adjust the size of the new chat window to your liking. (Note: If you’re already logged into the chat, you will need to log-in again.)

Registering Nickname

For those of you who wish to make sure you and only you can use your nickname, we recommend registering it. Here’s how:

1) Make sure you’re in the chat and using the nickname you would like to register.

2) Type: /msg nickserv register YOURPASSWORD YOUREMAIL (Example: /msg nickserv register chattingisfun

3) That’s it!  Check your email for confirmation.

So what does this mean? Every time you join the chat with your nickname, you’ll see this:

-NickServ- This nick is owned by someone else. Please choose another.
-NickServ- (If this is your nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password.)

All you need to do is type in the following: /msg nickserv identify YOURPASSWORD (Example: /msg nickserv identify chattingisfun) Simple, right? Now, you’re free to chat as usual, without worrying about someone else using your nickname.

Chat and Hangout FAQ

A: This can happen occasionally if there’s a network hiccup, usually called a “ghost”. Just type the following to get it back: /msg nickserv ghost NICKNAME PASSWORD (example: /msg nickserv ghost coolguy chattingisfun)

A: First, be patient. Due to the very limited amount of cam slots, not everyone who wants one will get a chance each stream. There are a few requirements in order to be picked for a cam slot.

  1. You need a Google+ account. (Create one here)
  2. You need to add Kyle Hebert on G+ to one of your “circles”.
  3. You need a working webcam in order to be seen (you may also need an external mic/headset if your webcam doesn’t have a mic).
  4. You need to ask Kyle nicely in the chat to jump in an available cam slot.
  5. If picked, Kyle will ask you for your G+ ID so he can invite you.

Again, if you are not picked, please be patient, and be sure to try again during the next stream. Raging in chat about not being picked is a quick way to be banned, and that’s just not fun.

A: Kyle’s friend, Jason, offered to help him out with some tech issues and hosting regarding Kyle TV. This is only a temporary solution, until we find a permanent home for the stream and chat. Kyle Hebert is not affiliated with the OtakuLife Network or any of its shows, but you should check them out anyways.