What is the OtakuLife Network?

We are a collection of shows that focus on geek/nerd/otaku/gamer culture.
News. Reviews, React Videos, Gaming streams. Random Hijinks. We have it all.

From My Mother's Basement

A celebration of everything geek! Bi-weekly live streams, where we discuss the latest news in tech, video games, anime, and more.

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Geeks & Drinks

2 geeks, 1 mic, plenty of drinks. Our weekly run-through of what we think is cool and interesting. We also include nerdy-themed drinks that you can make at home.

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Random Acts of Gaming

Sometimes you just want to play some games. Other times, you want to record your experiences with a game (with or without alcohol in the mix).

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Kyle TV

Live stream and chat room for the Big Bald Broadcast, hosted by video game and animation voice actor, Kyle Hebert (Dragonball Z, Bleach, Naruto, Street Fighter/Wreck-It Ralph, League of Legends, and more), and “Otherworld” Steve. Kyle also hosts random streams here as Kyle TV.

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Check out the latest news and reviews from the anime and manga industry. (Currently in hiatus)

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Our latest news bites, reviews, and tasty recipes, plus random rants about everything geek.

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Our Hosts



I rant about Otaku and Geek Culture. Surprisingly, some people listen.



I drink and talk about nerdy stuff with friends. The only thing that’s changed is that we put a mic in front of us.



Just your average Video/3D/Computer Geek.

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